Workshops Attended: Birth Photography with Elizabeth Boyce

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At the end of July, I was able to attend a birth photography workshop. It was a tour-stop for the company Off-Call, taught by the amazing owner and operator, Elizabeth Boyce. She has been one of the forefront birth photographers in Texas for approximately 15 years.  I loved her passion, advice, and wisdom.

This training covered skills, and business aspects. We learned about lighting and the advantages and disadvantages of flash and when it is appropriate to use. We learned and practiced how to bounce flash most effectively and naturally to keep the mood of the room at the birth and in the pictures. We practiced taking pictures from the hallway into a completely dark bathroom with a “stand-in” mother “birthing” in the tub. We talked all about the different types of lighting you encounter during births and how to work with it beautifully. We learned what tips have helped Elizabeth the most in photographing those quick births when baby’s sudden arrival surprised everyone in the room.

She covered her workflow and budget. How she efficiently keeps all of her many clients in the loop. They know exactly where she is in the editing process and get updates every step of the way. I learned in more detail how to have a great sustainable business where I both take care of my clients and my family.

Overall, it was a fun and educational workshop that helped give me more skills to support my wonderful clients.

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