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Why A Woman’s Heart?

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Why A Woman’s Heart

The heart of a woman is the central building block of her family. In pregnancy her heart increases with size as mom provides more blood and nourishment to her baby. Perhaps, at this same time, a woman also grows in love and caring for her baby.

Deep in your growing heart, there are personal desires for your birth. Safety and well-being of your baby at the very core of those motherly aspirations. As your doula, Becky will listen to these desires and preferences and help lift you to where they can come true. She can help you know what is available for you and your family. Your desires matter. Your heart matters. Most of all, you matter.

A Message to a Father’s Heart

There are cases when there isn’t a father involved. Here, at A Woman’s Heart, we love all kinds of families. This message is for those dads, birth partners, grandparents, and friends that are involved and still learning about birth and doulas.

You are also such a big part of this birth and the start of a new family life. This is the birth of a baby, parents, and a family. You don’t need all the perfect answers for parenthood right now. As the baby learns and grows, so will you and mom. Becky’s ideal situation is for you to feel very involved in this birth. She will not replace you. She wants to include you in as much as you feel comfortable. It is her job to take care of you, support you and guide you to how you can best help mom. What you want for this birth and baby matters too.


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