Sibling Class

One hour class $40

Welcoming a new baby is a family affair. A Woman’s Heart’s Sibling Class helps include the older siblings find their place in the family changes. The class is customized for your family, your children and your birth plan. Topics that can be covered include pregnancy, birth, nursing, and/or having a new baby. Each topic tailored to age appropriate levels and family comfort. Young children can be confused at the changes that their mom’s growing belly brings. They may wonder why mom is going to the hospital. They may feel unsure of their place when mom comes back with a new baby. The Sibling Class aims to clarify these things in ways that the child can understand, through play and stories. Some parents choose to have their children there for the birth of the new baby, this class can also go over the task that mommy is doing, and what types of things and noises they may hear.

This class can be done in conjunction with your doula prenatal planning meetings (with the option of being broken up into two 30 minutes sessions), or as a one time hour long session. Becky has books for various age levels on new babies. Books where mom goes to the hospital and books where mom has a water home birth, books with bottle feeding, and books with breastfeeding. She has a wooden puzzle that shows a mom throughout pregnancy as the baby grows. She has a modest mom doll with a pocket in her belly where a baby doll can fit. This way kids can see the mom with the big belly, and then that the baby comes out. The baby doll can also nurse with the use of magnets built into both baby and mom. Becky also has regular baby dolls that the siblings can change diapers, swaddle, and give bottles. This really is a class customized perfectly to fit your unique family needs and situation.

“With my past pregnancies my kids have been puzzled as to why I kept saying there was a baby in my tummy. They were startled to meet the baby and there was just a disconnect. After seeing the pregnant mom doll, and being able to pull the baby out themselves, my toddler and preschooler completely understood. The belly gets big with a baby, the baby comes out, the belly gets small, and mom can feed the baby. We didn’t need to cover anatomy, or get complicated. It wasn’t awkward, or dirty. It wasn’t scary, or mysterious. It was easy, it was natural, it was safe.  They then understood pregnant bellies=babies. I was amazed at the understanding of my toddler, and how well adjusted she was to the concept of birth. She also became my biggest breastfeeding support because she understood that is just what you do with babies.” –Becky Hartman


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