Pregnancy Emotions

Pregnancy Emotions: Getting Pelted with Skittles

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Let’s face it standing at the threshold of motherhood has lots of emotions. These emotions can span across the entire spectrum, and hit you all at once. It is a bit like standing at the end of the skittles rainbow getting pelted with pint size colors. Skittles rock. They taste good. They wouldn’t be skittles without the variety of colors. Likewise, emotions are fabulous. They make life fuller. From the passionate red times that helped create this baby to the blue struggles of infertility and the green days of morning sickness. Your life and pregnancy have been full of a variety of emotions and ups and downs. They have helped bring you here, to the threshold of skittlesyellow skittlesPregnancy brings massive changes in hormones. From conception, through pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and becoming a parent, your hormones are doing dances they may have never done before. These can give a whirlwind of emotions. Right before your baby comes, once again these hormones begin to flip flop. The hormones keeping baby in, drop, and those that bring baby into your arms, rise. There is so much change going on inside your body. Along with it, there is so much change at home and preparations for baby.  Those little delicious skittles of emotion seem to rain down from everywhere pelting you with conflicting colors. If you don’t do anything with them, they will build up and surround you. What once was delicious flavors can feel suffocating as they pile up, ignored.

rainbowDo not drown in skittles!!! Likewise, if you find yourself drowning in skittles, don’t feel guilty. Even the best of us have those days. Take the commercial’s advice and give yourself permission to taste the rainbow. Pick up one of those emotions and look at it. Acknowledge it. It is your emotion and it’s existence is valid, whatever color it may be. Pop that skittle into your mouth and taste it. If you want to linger on that feeling, great, but if you don’t, then move on. Let that skittle go. Do you have an abundance of blue skittles? Do you feel guilty for not having enough yellow? Do you have orange, green,  red and blue all at once? It is okay.

Some skittles are fleeting. Some skittles take a lot more bites to work through that color. The point is, you may have days where you feel like there was an explosion at the candy shop. You may feel nervous to become a parent. You might feel excited. Maybe even loss or anger at how your life is changing. Do you need to mourn from a past experience, or a relationship change? Do you need to celebrate and share your joy with someone? You may just be tired of waiting for the explosion of colors as you greet your baby, anxious to finally start the new phase in your life.

Whatever skittles surround you as you enter motherhood, they are valid. They are yours and they matter. Likewise, if you ever feel overwhelmed by your skittles, there is help from family, friends, and professionals. No skittle is ever too fruity to share.