Explore 158 Tips that MAY Help Morning Sickness

158 Things That *May* Help Morning Sickness

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Each woman is different and has different things that may help with morning sickness. Here is a list of 158 things that have helped moms combat the nausea and vomiting. Some of them contradict each other because we are each unique. In effort to help you find what works for you we have included them all. There are women who have Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) that struggle to keep anything down. While these tips may help them in conjunction with other medical treatments, they are not going to cure HG. You can read more information on the difference between Morning Sickness and HG here. Look for my upcoming Part 2 of this blog series on HG: When It’s More than Morning Sickness.

Please keep in mind that nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is caused by many different factors and there is no perfect answer for everyone.

Also note that this list is meant to be a spring board for you to continue your own research and bring up with your provider. A Woman’s Heart, LLCĀ  and Becky Hartman do not recommend taking any supplement or medication, nor do we have the qualification to do so. However, we are passing on what has been helpful for other women so that you can research the options yourself.

When to Eat
1. Keeping something in your stomach at all times.
2. Eating crackers/protein as you wake up in the middle of the night so you don’t wake up with a completely empty stomach
3. Eat protein throughout the day.
4. Eat a snack before getting out of bed.
5. Focusing on good nutrition before and during pregnancy. (if you are able)
6. Protein before bed and first thing in the morning.
7. Keep your blood sugar level
8. Eat small amounts, slowly, and take it easy after

9. Focus on drinking in between meals and reduce how much you drink during and right after meals
10. Drink Lemonade
11. Gingerale
12. A slice of ginger in water
13. 7up/Sprite
14. Gatorade
15. Hot drinks
16. Cold drinks
17. Mean Green Juice
18. Small sips of water throughout the day
19. Labor Aid
20. Coca-Cola
21. Cucumber water
22. Coconut water
23. Raw milk
24. Bone broth
25. Cranberry Juice
26. Carnation Instant Breakfast
27. Slurpees
28. Sparkling water/Club soda
29. Aloe Vera Juice
30. Kefir
31. Smoothies
32. Protein shakes
33. Apple juice (sometimes diluted)
34. Flax milk
35. IV fluids if you can’t keep anything down

What to Eat

36. Brown Rice/Brown Rice Syrup
37. Energy bites
38. Raw honey
39. Saturated fat
40. Eat little bits of whatever you crave
41. Eat cold food
42. Otterpops/popsicles
43. Slushies
44. Ice cream
45. Eat warm food
46. Eat easily digestible foods
47. Baby Food Fruits
48. Eat nutrient rich foods
49. Eat bland foods
50. Oatmeal
51. Dry Cereal
52. Ego Waffles
53. Pancakes
54. Jell-O
55. Pudding
56. Ice Cream cones (by themselves)
57. Brat Diet
58. Bananas
59. Rice
60. Applesauce
61. Toast
62. Eat white foods
63. Cauliflower
64. White bread
65. Potatoes
66. Cream of Wheat
67. String cheese
68. Eggs
69. Ginger Ginger is one of the most over-suggested Morning Sickness tips. It can be a big help to many women. With various forms, there is quite possibly a form that works even if others don’t. However, for many other women ginger is a trigger and makes the nausea worse.
70. Ginger Chews
71. Gingerbread
72. Gingersnaps
73. Ginger jelly (I hear it’s good warmed on ice cream).
74. Ginger mints
75. Alkaline foods
76. Cucumbers
77. Watermelon
78. Get Enough Salt
79. Potato chips
80. French fries
81. Protein
82. Almonds
83. Peanut butter
84. Beans
85. Chia seeds
86. Things to Suck on or Chew
87. Gummy Bears
88. Jolly Ranchers
89. Preggie Pops
90. Peppermint gum
91. Ice cubes
92. Tart Things
93. Lemonheads
94. Atomic Fireball Candyn
95. Green apples
96. Pickles
97. Sour Patch Kids
98. Craisins
99. Lemons/Limes

Avoid These Things (if it helps)
100. Avoiding oily foods.
101. Avoid sugar (works for some and is lifesaving foods for others)
102. Avoid flour (works for some and is lifesaving foods for others)
103. Avoid trigger foods

104. Smell Rosemary
105. Smell Lemon
106. Smell hand-sanitizer/alcohol wipes (I got this trick from a Labor and Delivery nurse. I thought it was crazy but I have since seen it a couple other places).
107. Smell peppermint

Things You Can Do
108. Staying Hydrated. If you become dehydrated enough, you will become nauseated from the dehydration alone. If you can’t keep down fluids, consider talking to your provider about an IV or medication.
109. Track when you a nauseated to see if you can find any patterns and triggers.
110. Get someone else to cook for you, and stay away from kitchen smells.
111. Take an Epsom salt bath.
112. Get up slowly. Go from lying down to sitting, and sitting to standing gradually. This avoids a blood pressure drops.
113. Resting and holding still when you feel nauseated
114. Removing annoying distractions
115. Getting a pleasant distraction: Books, music, show. (sometimes Netflix marathons provided great distraction. However, in between shows my nausea would increase.)
116. Prayer
117. Take a walk
118. Seabands/Acupressure bracelets
119. Waking up early
120. Sleeping in
121. Trying new things to avoid trigger tastes and smells ie using bubblegum flavored toothpaste
122. Take a nap
123. Get more sun
124. Driving yourself can give you a distraction from the nausea OR make your nausea worse. Being a passenger and closing your eyes can help or make it worse.
125. Bring a bag
126. Carry a toothbrush
127. Walmart online grocery shopping
128. Babysitters for the other kids/screen-time
129. Meditation
130. Hypnobabies Eliminate Nausea Track
131. Acupressure
132. Acupuncture
133. Chiropractor
134. EFT/Tapping
135. Energy work
136. Reflexology

Supplements and Homeopathic Remedies

(Always consult your Physician before starting any medication or supplement. A Woman’s Heart, LLC has not looked into the safety of these options. Please research anything thoroughly, including benefits and risks. Choose good resources for your information. Natural alternatives and Medicinal options both have risks.)

137. Himalayan Pink Salt
138. Calcium
139. Zinc
140. Probiotics
141. Vitamin K and Vitamin C
142. DGL licorice tablet
143. Morning Soothe
144. Digeztin Oil from doTerra
145. papaya digestive enzymes
146. Ipecac homeopathic
147. Assimilaid
148. Homeopathic Nux Vomica
149. Homeopathic Sepia
150. Eliminating H Pylori
151. Cordial Silver
152. Milk Thistle
153. Coconut oil
154. Baking soda
155. Magnesium Citrate
156. Cook with oregano, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, thyme, ginger

Medications (Always consult your Physician before starting any medication. A Woman’s Heart, LLCĀ  and Becky Hartman do not recommend taking any supplement or medication, nor do we have the qualification to do so. However, we are passing on what has been helpful for other women so that you can research the options yourself. )
156. B6 and Unisom/Diclegis
157. Phrenagran
158. Zofran

Morning Sickness is not easy. I hope some of these tips help you combat it. For those that struggle with morning sickness on a health threatening level look for our next blog installment HG: When it’s More than Morning Sickness for resources, medical options, and survival tips. Wishing you health, a happy stomach, and a good pregnancy.