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Becky Hartman is fully trained in the My Perfection Healing and The School of INNERgy modalities. Becky has experience with fear-release preparing for birth, emotional release from birth traumas and loses (Becky is in the certification process as a Bereavement Doula, and trained in how to help with those grieving loss in any trimester), working with pregnancy or reproductive ailments, mood-disorders, abusive history, and more. She also has experience working with normal day to day limiting beliefs and trapped emotions in every gender and age.

*It is important to note that energy work may help with your healing process but it should not replace other needed care. We have wonderful resources around us, they each have a place. As a rule of thumb it is good to start with the least invasive changes and therapies and work up from there. Be kind to yourself and give yourself permission to get all of the help you may need to be your best self, whatever that entails. Energy work is not a fix-all and has no guaranteed results. It is always helpful to bring more balance and let go of negative. Sometimes more is required.


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Introduction to Energy Work


Introduction to Energy Work

Energy Work is a process of balancing the body’s energy and releasing emotional baggage.

Every atom has a certain vibration and energy. Science has proven that emotions also have their own specific vibrations. Sometimes we have feelings that are so strong, our entire body vibrate to that specific frequency and emotion. As time passes and that feeling fades, we can have areas where those emotions/vibrations are trapped. This creates an imbalance in the body’s energetic field. Over time these imbalances can effect our body tissues, mood, and overall well being. Low vibrations, like despair or anger, can feel heavy. These trapped emotions can be based on certain life events, traumas, losses, or fears. When life triggers this feeling, you may feel like the feeling takes over quickly because part of your body is already vibrating to that same feeling.


There are many ways that someone can go about balancing these energy fields. Working with these energy fields is called Energy Work. This can be massage, foot zoning, magnets, music, and more. The body can show us where there are inconsistencies, and where there is trapped low vibrational energy. Then it can be removed, leaving the body balanced energetically.


Science is continually recognizing, through the studies of Quantum Physics, how much power we have over manipulating the energy fields of the body. Ancient wisdom in cultures all over the world that our bodies have energy fields. Time and time again, we come across ways that cultures have been balancing the flow of energy for overall health. Chakras, energy meridians, acupuncture, and pressure points, have been used for millennia.Western Civilization, hadn’t had the answers to explain or see these energetic fields, so these methods have been dismissed in our culture. However, as our equipment is improving, scientists are starting to pick up and study energy on deeper levels. Studies are starting to show proof and explanations to the ancient traditions. It’s an exciting time.


Religion and Energy Work

Becky Hartman, serves clients with a wide array of beliefs and religions. At no time would she want someone to feel their beliefs are minimized. Nor would she want someone to feel pressured into a belief system that does not resonate with them. Becky is respectful of your beliefs and who you are. With your energy session, she encourages you to focus on your beliefs and for you to hand your burdens over to the Lord, your higher power, or recycle back into the universe and nature. Light and darkness cannot exist in the same space. She wants to help you clear the low vibrations from the world, to let go of negative beliefs, so that you can personally turn to the Lord and more fully be filled with His light and the highest energy. Whatever your beliefs she will focus on helping you in the same ways so that you can become aligned with the best version of yourself. For some background, Becky is a Christian, and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. She strives to put Christ in the center of her life, and all of her actions. Becky has felt prompted to find and use energy work in her life, and to help others lift their burdens.  Energy work does not replace spiritual practices. It is not greater than God’s power or priesthood. It is not some mystical great power, it is just recognizing what your energy fields are doing, and balancing them.

For those with reservations on how energy work fits in the realm of your beliefs, feel free to message Becky. You may also enjoy this post Is Energy Healing of God written by the founder of My Perfection Healing.


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