Doula GO: What Pokémon and Doulas Have in Common

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I was never into the Pokémon craze growing up. Now, I am a wife to a gamer, and a mother to tech savvy kids. So unsurprisingly, PokémonGO has been a big part of our past week. I am loving it. It’s great to get out, and make better connections with my family. It’s been fun, watching many unique families and friends out spending good, quality time together. Being the doula that I am, I have found some similarities between doulas and PokémonGO.

Doulas are a handy map. They help guide you to the tools and strength you need for pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. PokémonGO has Pokéstops where you can gather tools. PokémonGO has gyms that help you practice your skills and increase your strength. Likewise, doulas can direct you towards resources and tools. These can be supportive providers, nutrition, relaxation, prenatal exercise, and a birth plan. It is always your choice which ones you want to visit.  In the birthing world,  childbirth, breastfeeding, and CPR classes give us the chance to practice and grow just like PokéGyms do in the game.


DoulaGO pokestops


PokémonGO has a backpack full of supplies that help on your adventures. Birth doulas are stocked with many useful things for your birthing time. These are both tangible and intangible. They have an infinite supply of calm support. They attend to the little needs and skills so that you can focus on connecting with your birth partner. Doula bags often carry a Mexican rebozo, hot packs, tennis balls and more. These are nifty little tools to aid in your comfort. However, doulas also come with knowledge and skill of comfort measures. Doulas also are big on birthing balls. You can bring your own, your doula may have one, and your hospital may have a couple. They can provide great counter pressure, and encourage labor to progress. These are great things to have on your adventure.

Items a Doula May Bring to a Birth


In PokémonGO, you catch little creatures. You make them apart of your team and work with them.  You use Pokéballs to catch these. Stronger Pokémon often take more balls and techniques before they join your team. Each Pokémon has it’s own skills. Likewise each part of our body has it’s own wonderful functions. The uterus has an incredible skill of contracting to birth a baby. Your doula will help you see your uterus as part of your team, and help you work with it. Sometimes your uterus will have smaller contractions. Sometimes your uterus will have bigger ones. The stronger ones may take more tools, and last longer. Your doula will support you through them all. She will help refresh your resources when they run low. She will encourage you to keep going. She knows that you CAN do this. She knows many options available for you. She’s not going anywhere. You are adventuring with a great team, your uterus, partner, medical provider, and doula. They will strengthen and help you wherever your journey takes you.


Uterus CP98

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