Breastfeeding Positions: Co-sleeping Toddler Edition

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Are you a mom of a co-sleeping  toddler? Are you breastfeeding? Then read this and assess your level or expertise. Are you going to have kids, may have kids, or never going to have kids but like crappy pictures and laughing at parenthood? Then sit back and get educated in the wonderful world of nighttime feedings.

Note: if you are considering bed-sharing/co-sleeping please make sure that you follow the bed-sharing safe sleep measures and do your research. These positions are of a humorous nature and shown with a toddler that has full body control on a bed with no gaps or spaces.

Teddy Bear Position: Level Beginner

Breastfeeding a Co-sleeping ToddlerThis is one of the best nursing positions for co-sleeping. Gently holding your little one, as they eat and you both drift off to sleep. In fact, your arms may fall asleep too. Upside: cuddles. Downside: at some point you need to move.


Mama Cat Position: Level Beginner

Breastfeeding a Co-sleeping ToddlerWhen your arms tire of cuddling, but your little one keep nursing, this is a fabulous position. You sprawl out like a cat, conserving your energy and maybe even almost sleeping. All while your little one suckles. Once you master this position you could almost feed an entire neighborhood…if you just had more nipples across your belly…and it was socially acceptable to feed the neighborhood. Upside: Resting your arms. Downside: Only two milk spouts.


Diaper-Check Position: Level IntermediateBreastfeeding a Co-sleeping ToddlerThis position is wonderful for early mornings. It helps you wake up and start the day. Although some Expert Level parents can sleep through this position. Some active babies love to do somersaults into this position…while still attached nursing. Upsides: Happy baby. You can pretend to sleep. Downsides: Waking up to diaper aromas in your face.


Claim and Switch Position: Level IntermediateBreastfeeding a Co-sleeping ToddlerThis is where baby wants both sides and does not want to give up either. If there was a way drink both at once you can bet he would find a way. Baby will get a few gulps in on one side and then switch, few gulps, switch. All while guarding his milk supply. Upsides: as long as you aren’t in the way you don’t have to do much. Great for supply issues perhaps? Downsides: It’s exhausting and your fully exposed.


Party Entertainer Position: Level Expert Breastfeeding a Co-sleeping ToddlerWhen you nurse an infant they don’t want to bring their friends. When you nurse a toddler, they like to share. It’s really sweet when he brings his baby doll to nurse. Experts then hold the baby doll and make gulping noises resulting in toddler giggles. This then leads to cars, trucks, Fisher Price gloworms, stuffed animals, and all baby dolls joining the party. Upside: Baby giggles of pure delight. Downside: You’ll wish you had less toys and more room in the bed.¬†


Prisoner Position: Level Expert
Breastfeeding a Co-sleeping ToddlerThis position may seem harmless and even nice. However, it is the strongest testing of patience in existence. You may love cuddling your baby. You may love cuddling your husband. You may even love a cat sleeping on your feet. However, being smashed and warmed by bodies on every side of you will test you to the limit. You try to move you head and you hit your husbands. You try to inch away from a nursing sleepy baby and he wakes up and cries. You try to stretch your legs and you can’t. On all sides the temperature warms. You try to get out of a blanket but you are trapped. You just want air! Sometimes, attempts to get out of this position turns baby into the Diaper-Check Position, further complicating breathing. You love the cuddles, but you JUST. NEED. YOUR. SPACE. Upside: cuddles. You want to love it. Downside: The guilt of of not loving it.


Co-sleeping, breastfeeding, mobile babies are adorable and cute. You have to laugh a little at the positions you find yourself in, and how long you put up with it in attempts to ninja-sneak into your own bubble of space. At the end of the day (and early mornings) you still find yourself so grateful for your hungry, little, wiggle-worm baby.

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