About Becky


At a Glance

  • Doula since 2012
  • Photographing births since 2014
  • Benkung Belly Binder
  • Energy Practitioner
  • Serves Davis County and surrounding areas
  • Mom of 4
  • Hypnobabies Certified Hypno-Doula
  • Loves science and always learning
  • Fascinated by wisdom in all cultures
  • Curvy and kind


More About Me

I  live in Clearfield, Utah.  I work with moms from a variety of backgrounds, birthing styles, family situations and birthing history. Most of all, I want to understand your personal birthing goals and help you reach them while feeling supported every step of the way. I serve Davis County, Downtown SLC, and southern Weber County. I travel further upon request and availability.

I have always loved kids and learning about the human body. I worked at Primary Children’s Hospital for six years under my EMT-Intermediate license. While there, I married my best friend. Together we have four, amazing, and crazy kids. Preparing for my third birth, ignited a passion and love that swept me off my feet and carried me along the doula path. My desire to be a doula stems from seeing how much of a difference education and support have made in my own births. My personal births have a wide range of lengths, styles, and experiences. I have been a NICU mom. I have learned that there are times and places for medical help and there are times to just sit back and let birth happen naturally. I believe that you, as the parents, have the best ability to know what is right for your situation.

I have seen in myself and other moms fear of the unknown of what birth may hold. At times i was filled with such a desire to birth naturally. I wanted to know what it felt like and to see if i could do it. To me, personally, it mattered. I’ve learned that birth choices shouldn’t be made out of fear. Preferences, evidenced-based information, safety, and intuition are good guides, but not fear. You are strong, it is okay to let yourself continue forward with confidence. It is okay to let yourself try, and it’s okay to follow your heart. I learned that I am so much stronger than I thought I was. Time and time again I have seen women spread their timid wings and learn that they can do breathtaking things, chasing after their own personal birthing desires. I look up to every single client that i have ever had. Sometimes preferences change, sometimes interventions become necessary, but women are always strong.

One of my favorite things to do is learn. Medical journals, history of ancient civilizations, other cultures, and those around us can all be sources of such wisdom in our lives. This fascination increases with anything related to birth. I am trained in the tradtional art of using Mexican rebozo’s in labor, as well as the Malaysian practice of postpartum Benkung belly binding.

My job is to help you along your birthing and motherhood journey. Each woman’s path, heart, and desires are different. This is your story and I will listen to what matters to you and help you write your flexible plan to get there. I would love to support you at this wonderful time in your life, with any of my services. Contact me for your free consult today.


What Clients have to say about Becky

birth“Becky really made this my journey. She is very knowledgeable and gave me input and suggestions but ultimately guided me to making decisions… I couldn’t be happier with the services and support Becky offers. My birth experience with her was wonderful and I will consider her a dear friend for years to come. I only wish I would have found her with my other 2 births!” –Kate


“It was wonderful to have Becky with us! She did a fantastic job assisting with the “little things” so my husband and I could focus on labor and birth rather than running to get water, remembering to change positions, remembering positions for labor that we liked, etc. She was a fountain of knowledge and support that was essential to us achieving the birth that we wanted…For me, having support that was positive, knowledgeable, familiar with Hypnobabies, and encouraging was so helpful. Becky was all of these things.” –Megan

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